Real + honest

I make all of my chocolates by hand in small batches in Cincinnati, Ohio. I use only traceable chocolate from brands and producers whom I trust and whom I know to source their chocolate ethically. This chocolate costs more, but I believe it's worth it, not only in superior flavor but also knowing that child labor was not used in its production.

I value getting to know where my chocolate comes from. I've visited the factory of Valrhona in France where I source most of my chocolate, and my 2017 plans include a trip to Costa Rica to a cocoa farm, where I will meet and work alongside the farmers. I foresee future trips to cacao-growing regions to learn more about harvesting and production and get to know the people who grow, harvest and sell chocolate.

For my fillings, ganaches and pralinés, I use local and organic ingredients whenever possible. I believe in sourcing as many of my ingredients as possible from Findlay Market, which helps support the neighborhood economy.

Lastly, I believe in honesty and transparency in all aspects of my business, from sourcing only the highest quality ingredients, to labeIing and packaging. I choose recyclable packaging whenever possible. 

I truly enjoy and value collaborating with other food entrepreneurs and have learned something valuable from each and every one of them. I look forward to a moment when my business has grown to the point where I can be a mentor to other food entrepreneurs.

Sherri Prentiss
Founder + Chocolatier