Chocolate makes a delightful partner to so many things, from Champagne to beer, to cheese and popcorn. Below are three pairings ideas you can try at home. Want to learn more? Check out my upcoming events


Salted caramel + bourbon

Living near the Kentucky border has exposed me to the virtues of good bourbon. When sipped slowly and paired with a soft vanilla caramel enrobed in dark chocolate and topped with sea salt, you have yourself one a fine little nightcap.


Dark chocolate lime + kölsch

A true pairing elevates each partner. That's why chocolate and wine don't really pair well (unless you're talking sparkling wine or port, or the occasional rosé). But chocolate and beer? That's a whole different story. Try a lime basil truffle (or any citrus flavor) paired with your favorite kölsch-style beer (I'm partial to MadTree Lift). 


Dark chocolate + provolone

Try aged provolone topped with a square of 65% dark chocolate. The subtle nuttiness and smokiness of an aged cheese are an interesting counterpoint to the sweet yet slightly bitter chocolate flavors. Make sure to bring the cheese to room temperature before serving. This might be the unexpected hit at your next cocktail party.


Milk chocolate + green apple

Green apple + milk chocolate is a surprising combination. The crisp tartness of the green apple and the creamy, subtle bitterness of the chocolate (this was 36%) is a more interesting pairing than the traditional strawberries and chocolate. The kids will like this one.